Here is tha 20th ep of KOMPLEX DE DEEP after almost 5 years of hard work .We are so proud to present u the 3rd IFUME opus..With 6 traxxx , almost a mini album  that showing the generosity and tha talent of this artist...He doesn't even wants to be known...His only aim is to share his knowledge of analog approach....I won't describe  these 6 tracks as Ifume  will take control of that journey....May this ep become the soundtrack of UR summer...






Laurent Garnier : Hummmmm papito ça c'est bon de chez super bonnnnnn JE SURKIFFF TOUT LES TRACKS yes yessss yesssssss

André Lodemann : night drive is nice

Djulz : Quality deep tech as usual , i'm feeling Clap Track the most. thx

Osunlade : really diggin this project!

Dairmount : Beautiful Ep all over. Clap Track, 30th Hour & Night Drive competing all to be my prime choice. Happy 20!

Charles Webster : 30th hour and night drive are my 2 faves here...thnx

Aubrey : Smooth and Deep collection of tracks here, Night drive is the one for me, but all tracks here are special!

Orde Slam : cool tunes - will road test this weekend thanx guys





Lost in gravity




Boss Your Way Up




Clap Track




The 30th Hour




Night Drive




Morning Sun