There rarely is a musician to be seen, who feels home in more than just one musical genre the way Matthias Vogt does. Who else can claim himself being booked in the hottest clubs around the globe and aditionally being respected as a genius jazz musician at the same time?

Vogt holds a residency at Sven Väth’s Cocoonclub in Frankfurt, the City that surely still is a Mekka for all conceivable kinds of electronic music. 

Being the incorporator of „Motorcitysoul“, a highly successful and steady-increasing DJ- and Production-Duo, that Vogt founded a few years ago, and is now runnning succesfully with his brother in crime „C-Rock“ aka Christian Rindermann, he played gigs at Clubs such as „The End“  in London, „Club 11“ in Amsterdam, „Cielo“ New York or the „Club Propaganda“ in Moscow. Furthermore he did plenty of DJ-Gigs in countries around the world like Japan, Australia, Spain, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia and Turkey.

Under his Motorcitysoul-moniker he released several groundbreaking records on  highly-acclaimed House-Imprints like Freerange, Simple, Aus, Stir 15 or Lofi-Stereo amongst others. Particularly in producing electronic music, Vogt is able to bring to account his experience as a jazz-musician in a way, that surely is unique in nowadays contemporary House-Music.

For this reason Matthias Vogt and C-Rock not only did Remixes for magnificent Houseproducers such as Blaze, Dirt Crew, Jussi Pekka, Brett Johnson or Phonique, but also contributed a readaption of Fuckapondelic’s „Switch the Light“, that was released alongside the original track on Cocoon-Recordings and was causing quite a stir in the clubs around the globe.

In his „second life“ Vogt is a jazz-musician. He graduated an education as Professional Musician as well as Instrumental-Pedagogue for Jazz- and Popular-Music at the „Frankfurter Musikwerkstatt“.

In 2002 the frankfurt-based Label INFRACOM! asked Matthias Vogt to realise a unique musical idea: The creation of an album that contains acoustic jazz-versions of  originally elctronic tracks. A name for this project was easy to be found: re:jazz! Two further albums followed and the fromer project quickly turned into a band. Thus re:jazz! created instant jazz-adaptions of dance-classics such as „Keep on Movin“  (Soul II Soul), „Finally“ (Ce Ce Peniston), „Inner City Life“ (Goldie) or „All I Need“ (Air).  Currently re:jazz! are working on their fourth studio-album. Till this day they sold over 60.000 albums wolrdwide and even the media celebrated re:jazz!  for being a great enrichment to the coeval german jazz-scene.

Vogt’s second important project next to re:jazz! is the „Matthias Vogt Trio“.  In 2006 the first „Matthias Vogt Trio“ album „Changing Colours“ was released on INFRACOM!  and he recently finsihed the recordings for their latest Longplayer „Coming Up For Air“, that will see the world in 2009.

Next to Vogt’s career as a musician he climbed the ladder as a DJ in the early ninetees, when he did regular performances in the wellknown Mainzer KUZ, a location with a capacity of 2.000 people, where he inspired the crowd with his own interpretation of a contemporary DJ-Set by mixing up different types of „dance-music“. His wide range of musical interest  and even of his repertoire helped him to gain a foothold in the steady growing DJ-Scene of that time: Thus he played at the legendary „Mainzer Brückenkopf“, at the „Cookies“ in Frankfurt or the „Basement“ in Wiesbaden.

But indeed it was another club, that should build his longtime basis: „Das Rind“
in his hometown Rüsselsheim. Hailing from the german motorcity, he launched the house-row „Loveland“ together with his partner Dirk Dreyer in 1995 with guests such as Ricardo Villalobos, Ian Pooley, Karotte, Tiefschwarz or Hans Nieswandt.

He worked for different music-magazines like „Network Press“ and the „Groove“-magazine and started to produce electronic music in the middle-nineties.
Vogt released on the famous german label „Force Inc.“ as well as on the before-mentioned „INFRACOM“-imprint.  In 2003 his ways crossed with Christian „C-Rock“ Rindermann. Vogt asked him to produce the first Motorcitysoul-Album „Did you expect that?“ 

The fertility of their collaboration inspired Vogt to ask Rindermann to join him and henceforth they were running Motorcitysoul together. Together with the dj-legend Chez Damier they recorded „Keep on turning“, that was released on Stir 15 in 2005, a deep vocal-track and a true neo-classic, that rocked the boat across the world.

As a DJ Vogt saw nearly every important houseclub in the „Rhine-Main-Area“.He was resident at the „Monza“ and the „King Kamehameha“. After these two jobs it was time to move on and therefore he finally became a inherent part of  „Going Deeper“, a venue that regularly took and still takes place at the „Micro“-Floor at Sven Väth’s Cocoonclub in 2005. In 2007 he started his own regular mainfloorevent called „Our House“, where –and at this point both ends meet- DJ’s do interactive performances with live-musicians.

Latest releases 2009:
Matthias Vogt „Roofs“ Fresh Meat (Chicago)
Matthias Vogt „The Emerald Sky“ (incl. Satoshi Tomiie Remix) Saw Recordings N.Y.
Motorcitysoul „Vivid“ (incl. Roman Flügel Remix) Simple U.K.

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